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Meet Sasha Kellogg

This is Sasha Kellogg. You may recognize the name because its on billions of cereal boxes around the world. Sasha was born on January 26, 1927 and grew up at the Kellogg headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan and everything was perfect. Until one day when she was 10 years old. A deranged killer jealous of the success of the Kellogg family while people were starving in the streets broke in their house and killed Sasha’s mother, father, and baby sister. She escaped by climbing through a broken window and hiding in the small space under the porch until the killer gave up looking for her. Sasha continued to run the company with intelligence and poise for another eight years, until her boyfriend tried to force her to marry so he could kill her and inherit her fortune. His one mistake was telling her his plans. After this incident, she made the decision to leave the company in the capable hands of the vice president and go into hiding until she felt that her life wasn’t in danger. Her wanderings brought her to San Fransisco, where she assumed the guise of a secretary, even though she is highly intelligent. She doesn’t tell people her last name if she can help it, and laughs if anyone suggests she is related to the cereal people.

A true femme fatale, Sasha is sweet and collected. She would never go out of the house without perfect hair, makeup, and outfit. Years of galas and meetings at the Kellogg headquarters have taught her to be eloquent and get along well with anyone (especially if they hold stock in the company), but her experiences in life have also taught her to be cynical. Her sarcastic wit covers up her loss and disillusionment with the world, as does her decision to keep a gun in her room (though she isn’t sure if she could use it given the need). While she tries to keep her head down, many people have noticed her beauty and charm. She may string them along a while, but when it starts getting serious she remembers her previous experience with blackmail and death and pulls away. This is the case with friends too. They will wonder why they know nothing about her past and start plying her with questions that she is unwilling to answer. Eventually, they drift apart. Sasha is left alone because of her own fears from the past, and tries to live a normal life without anyone finding out her secret.

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