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mustache-man & beard-boy

My unusual superhero would be mustache-man. He would bring mustaches to all the facial- hairless men who needed him! His power aside from giving mustaches would also be to take them away. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you had a real scary villain and you take away his mustache he might be a lot less intimidating and a little bit more self-conscious. Either way, he’s too busy worrying about his facial hair to do anything villainous.

His outfit  would be a white spandex shirt and a white pants with a white cape, and on the front of his white shirt would be a large black handlebar mustache. He would obviously have one of these mustaches on his face himself.

Something every good superhero needs is a side-kick. Mustache-man’s sidekick would be beard-boy. He would be a young boy with an outstandingly large beard that does not seem to fit his appearance. He would have similar powers in the giving and removing of facial hair, except his would be of the beard variety. You may wonder why the boy has power over the beards while man only has the power over mustaches. Well, you see you can’t have a beard without a mustache, but you can have a mustache without a beard. The man can stand alone, the side kick is a bonus.

Beard-Boy’s outfit would be a medium blue suit similar to mustache man’s with beardly accents.



Not much is known about the beginnings of mustache man and beard boy. Some say that mustache man’s powers began when he was in adolescence when some of the older boys with slight facial hair made fun of him for his baby like face. After a few years nothing had grown and he had become very frustrated. He went away to cave and hid. A few years later he emerged with a full beard and beautiful mustache, and long, flowing head of hair. Back into the city he realized nothing was going to be the same for in every window he passed by where there was a boy staring in the mirror wanting to shave and not being able to, he stared deep into their eyes, something connected, and immediately out of their hair follicles formed a beautiful new mustache.

As for beard-boy, some think he maybe his son, others think he may have wound up in the same cave as mustache-man, but no one really knows whether any of this is true. All we know is the increasing amount of facial hair appearing in our city.



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