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My “Bag” You Say?

Donnie Rawlen keeps no bag. If it doesn’t fit in his jacket or pants pockets, he doesn’t keep it with him.  Luckily, he has a large inner jacket pocket to store his most valuable possessions.

Photo of his Father’s grocery store

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Donnie’s father’s business, the family grocery.

Posted in a newspaper after his father’s death, Donnie keeps this picture close to him, always.  It helps to remind him of his upbringing in Chicago, and the values his father instilled in him.


Donnie's Bag

Mr. Sebastian Crane’s business card
As a struggling writer, Donnie keeps Mr. Sebastian Crane’s card on him at all times, whether to drop off a new column, or to edit his new short story on its way to print. Mr Crane is the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Buddha Pyramid Statuette
Donnie’s late father gifted this to him when he was a small child. He told Donnie, “Even the smallest, seemingly unimportant trinkets can serve a purpose, whose details can amaze even the keenest of eyes”.  Donnie spent countless hours trying to upright the sitting Buddha in the center sphere at the grocery as a child.   Now, he treats it in a similar fashion, as a stress relief tool and a way to keep his hands busy while brainstorming.

Chinese Dragon Stamp
During one of Donnie’s first visits San Francisco’s Chinatown, Donnie saw this stamp, noted its intricacy, and promptly made a deal with the shopkeeper. The ornate, interwoven Chinese dragons forming a solid structure reminded him of his father’s note about his Buddha statue.  Doubles as a strike enhancer, since Mr. Rawlen prefers not to use guns—he doesn’t go looking for trouble, but would like to be prepared if the situation arises.

Simple “I love you” Note
Given to him by his late wife, Donnie keeps this in his chest pocket.  There may be no signature, but that’s because it was left on the door the day she left for Buena Vista alongside their son, Bobby.  Although it holds no intrinsic value, it is priceless in Donnie’s mind.

Per the requisite What’s in Your Bag? Assignment worth 3 stars.

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