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My Design Blitz

1) Stars sign:

With this poster, I particularly noticed the idea of a symbol/ metaphor being utilized. The statement “Not all stars belong to the sky,” is referring to Virginia Beach since typically beaches have many starfish as do many coastal regions. The starfish also has “Virginia Beach” labeled on it. representing where this souvenir was purchased. Personally, I see this message as a metaphor for how we all, in our own way, can shine like stars. It is an inspirational message that can speak to many viewers.

2) “500 Days of Summer” movie cover:

This is an example of unity since the photos are in close proximity, which is a part of unity. The pictures in the sun are close together and are in smaller size; all of the pictures are of Summer, one of the main characters of the film (supporting the title). Repetition is also created this way since her features are shown in most of the pictures, some in differing ways. In the larger photos, the two main character’s are placed in pictures together and they are larger in size, indicating that their interaction is a key plot of the film. There is unity overall since these are the two characters that are central to the film and no other characters are interrupting the cover. The “500 Days of Summer” cover is successful with its’ design since the photos in the sun figure and the ones outside it create a story of romance that the film focuses on.

3) Business card:

The business card is an example of minimalism and use of space. The majority of the card contains white space, allowing for all the viewer’s focus to be set on the name in the middle/right side of the card. The name is surrounded by a thin orange halo, which alludes to the name of the catalog this person works for. Below the name is the contact information and there is an orange border along the bottom of the business card, adding some color to this card. I would say this card is successful with its’ design since its’ simplicity allows the viewer to place their attention on the name they see printed on the card; there are no distractions.

4) “Go Bananas” poster:

The poster makes great use of color. The three main colors green, purple, and yellow are representative of the celebration of Mardi Gras. In the center of the poster, a mask is adorned with colored bananas (green, purple, and yellow) and the bottom portion of the poster has Mardi Gras beads intermingled on top of a diamond pattern (the prominent colors of green and purple used here). Having the black background makes the mask and colored border really pop and have a more three dimensional effect (specifically the bananas on top of the mask). Seeing these colors placed together, one can understand that they can represent Mardi Gras and even the text below can help one to reach that conclusion.

5) “Aubade” ad:

The typography of this ad is neatly presented. The title of the club “Aubade” is printed in red, Scrabble-like blocks as a way to represent writing or coming up with words/ideas. Also, each letter seems to be in a different font, possibly showing the idea of different people coming together for one thing they have in common or love: writing. The meaning of the word “aubade” is, “a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak; a poem or song of or about lovers separating at dawn.” By using this word, it can represent writing itself since an aubade is a special type of poem. It can also represent lovers of writing and writing itself coming together and separating at some point during the day. The contact information is printed in smaller black font below the title. The names of the special editor positions are in a large, bold text and the names under it are in a smaller, finer text, placing more emphasis on the position each person is holding. The emails are found under the names of the students, which again places importance on contacting these individuals. This, like the business card, is simple and to the point and this is essential for viewers since most want to know who is in charge and how to contact them. There is no overwhelming clutter of words on this ad and that makes it more pleasing to the eye. 

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