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My Experience With This Things Called a Camera

To me I have always been interested in photography but I never really taken the initiative to learn more about photography until I got a GoPro; probably because I did not want to spend money on a good camera. I first got interested in photography when I took a photography class in high school. This class actually thought me a lot about photography but mainly on the photoshop side. We learned the basics of what kind of lighting to use and how to use the right aperture, changing the shutter speed for what we were trying to capture and setting the white balance. I also learned the basics about film photography. This was pretty cool because we learned how to extract the film from the cartridge without ruining our photo and then developing our photo in a dark room. But ever sense then, I have not done much photography until I got a GoPro. Considering I spend the majority of my time outdoors, I find my self taking more picture of wildlife and of the activities I am doing. Having a GoPro allows me to capture a moment from a point of view that might have been very difficult to achieve prier to this awesome invention. My approach to taking picture is really just placing the camera in a location that I think would take an amazing video, picture, time laps, etc. This sometimes allows me to capture a spur of the moment photo that you might never get a chance to take or see again.

After reading the articles, I think one of the main things that I could do is play around with the camera more and learning its capabilities. Every time I use my GoPro I am always finding something new ¬†about it that I didn’t know before. Majority of the time I just put it on video and later when I am editing it, I would clip out a picture. To me this was always the easiest thing because I knew I wouldn’t miss a moment, but after learning and using all of the camera capabilities I will most likely be able to take allot better pictures.


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