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My Experiences with Photography

If you knew me, you would not be surprised to hear that I am really big into digital media. One of my biggest passions within the field of digital media is, without a doubt, photography. To this day, photography is my most frequently involved hobby, whether if it is freelance work or just for fun!

I first got into photography due to a high interest in film and videography ¬†as I was a freshman in high school. In order to create “high quality’ products, I would always watch Youtube tutorials about film-making techniques and save money to buy an affordable camera. As I learned more about editing videos, I also learned more about photography as I went on. It soon grew on me and eventually I transitioned from being primarily a filmmaker to a prospective photographer. In my junior year, I signed up for a graphic design class to learn how to render cool camera effects on the computer. Since then, I have only grown in my love for photography and currently I still pursue it as a college student here at UMW. Although it is not my major, I still involve myself in the hobby as much as I can.

I enjoy taking a lot of photos, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. For the majority of the time I capture pictures using my Canon Dslr camera, but when I do not have my high quality camera I still mess around with my iPhone’s built-in camera. The content of my photos cannot not be summarized to a single subject or topic as I will snap a shot of anything that carries my attention.

My intention whenever taking photos is to capture the moment in that current time and to express it in a meaningful way. I see photos as time markers where they carry personal value, reminders of the awesome life that I am gifted to live. I have to consider myself quite successful in my approaches because I work to satisfy what I feel is right and although I take other’s opinions into consideration, the most important factor is fulfilling my original intentions as that is what really matters.

After reading the suggested resources on the Noir106 webpage, I have to honestly say that I have not learned too much more than what I already knew from before. I say this because I have already researched the same topics during my own initial moments in getting involved with photography. I really have already looked into lighting, angles and multiple camera techniques when producing images previously but I will say that the resources were helpful in reminding me of the basic principles I have used in my general approaches to my art. Needless to say, this week has been very much up my ally.

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