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My Laptop Game is Strong

For one of my week five assignments, I chose to do the assignment, Laptop Lingo that was submitted by Lauren Brumfield.

The assignment is to,” Make your own collage or create your unique laptop skin on My Custom Skin, and then share your work flickr. When you blog about it, explain why you chose each image! Use it as a way to share a little about yourself with your classmates.” This assignment is worth 2 points.

I picked this assignment because my laptop is basically my best friend. We have been through a lot together and we are always together whether we like it or not! HAHA! Right now, my laptop has a purple speck case on it which is covered in stickers that explain a bit about me and what I like. I have considered ordering a personalized SkinIT for my computer before, so I thought this would be a fun assignment to do! Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up ordering the skin!

I am a very indecisive person so I knew I could not just pick one picture or one thing for my laptop skin. I am obsessed with pictures, especially pictures with people because they bring back memories! I love remembering time spent with special people in my life. I chose to do a collage of pictures with family and friends.

I saved a bunch of pictures to a folder on my desktop and then I uploaded them to Once I uploaded them, I fidgeted around until I found a design that I liked. Once I finished my collage, I saved it to my desktop. I went to My Custom Skin and uploaded the image. It created my skin for me! I really love it!

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 1.39.15 PM

I uploaded the image to flickr as well!

Laptop Skin

I chose the top left image because it has almost all of my best friends and we love the summer because it’s when we get a chance to spend a lot of time together.

I chose the top middle image because it is my mom’s side of the family and they all mean a lot to me. This was a full family picture (minus the newest editions, twins!) that was taken in 2013.

I chose the top right image because these fabulous ladies are my roommates and I don’t know what I would do without them! They mean so much to me!

I chose the middle left image because it is my Aunt Vicki and she passed away when I was fourteen and this is by far my favorite picture of the two of us. It is a constant reminder that she is always looking over me.

I chose the middle (middle) image because it is the kids who I nanny. I don’t know what my life would be like without nannying these adorable kids. They keep me going, that’s for sure!

I chose the bottom right image because it is a picture of all of my best friends from home. It is very rare that all eight of us are together at once, but this winter, I hosted a Tacky Holiday Sweater party at my house and everyone was able to come!!! We always have tons of fun and this is a silly picture that captures our friendship.

I chose the bottom left image because it is my Uncle Gerald and he passed away this November. I love this picture of us and it is a constant reminder for me to keep following my dreams because he will always be by my side no matter what.

I chose the bottom middle image because it is my dad’s side of the family and they all mean a lot to me. This picture was taken this past Christmas.

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