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My Week-long Search for a Noir Cat


This week we were asked to capture images of Noir elements. Something I thought would be easy, but it was actually a bit challenging and it has also been very cold this week, which doesn’t make me want to walk around outside taking pictures.

2015-01-27 21.41.44



My first picture is “the grittiness of built environment”. I don’t think you get any grittier than Annex A. It had also rained earlier that day so the side walk shimmered.


2015-01-31 09.42.49



I tried very hard to get a “Venetian Blind effect” this was the best I could do. The problem was that I don’t have Venetian blinds and the sun does not hit my apartment correctly. But I tried, because I really wanted to take this picture.



photo safari


I think this picture represented a”sense of drama and/or moodiness”. I think the haze that overpowers the picture makes it dramatic.



BW stairwell


As I mentioned in my film post, the angles that stairwells create evoke a feeling of noir, which is why I chose a stairwell for “off-kilter or unusual camera angle/framing”.


BW noir cat




And then my last photo, because I couldn’t resist is a “Noir cat”. I was looking for one everywhere I went this week. I even chased some poor soul’s cat down on College Avenue. But then I found a cat sitting in my own backyard, lurking.



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