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Nicollete Scott Future Life

Nicollete Scott attended University of California, Los Angeles for four years and graduated with dual Bachelors degrees in computer science and international banking. While at UCLA she became interested in the Alpha Omega Sigma professional fraternity of chemistry where she got involved with some brilliant chemistry students that were indebted to a local crime boss. Nicollete was also a member of a very selective computer science club, which created anti-hacking applications. In order to be a great anti-hacker, you must first be a great hacker. Once she was introduced to the shady side of life via the chemistry students she quickly realized that she could use her superior skills in computers and international banking to set up her post collegiate career. She also completed a semester long internship her senior year at a Chase Commercial Bank in Fresno, California. She is taking what she learned in college and the process and procedures used by Chase to get ahead in life. She uses her cover as an international model to gain access to countries all over the world creating bank accounts and getting an opportunity to see each banks computer systems and security measures. Nicollete hope to eventually open her own off shore International Bank one-day in the Caribbean Islands.
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