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Nicollete Scott

My name is Nicollete Scott. I was born and raised in Calabasas, California. I grew up with my two parents Charlotte and Chuck Scott until they mysteriously died. I am the youngest with four older brothers Nick, Alan, Trevor, and Preston Scott. I attended University of California, Los Angeles for four years and graduated with a dual Bachelors degrees in computer science and international banking. I work as an international model yet no one has ever seen my picture in print. I never seem to worry about money. I am twenty-five years old and I’m currently single and I keep my life very private. I love to go out on the town at night and stays out until the early hours of the morning with men of questionable character. I’m a tall woman with long dark hair and I often wear dark red lipstick. You will always find me in a short black dress with a pair of five inch heels on to help make me appear even taller. I am five foot ten inches and I have very pale skin. I wear big gold hoop earrings along with a rather large statement necklace and a huge black onyx ring.


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