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Noir Cinematography

Killer’s Kiss

These were the still shots that I pulled from this film.

killer's kiss

I chose this photo for the “Venetian Blind” effect.  By his facial expression, one is able to see that he is thinking about something while looking out the window (for someone).  You can also tell that he deciding about something and it’s actually a big moment in the movie because here is where he starts to think about killing Davey.


killer's kiss

I chose this photo because it is an urban nightscape.  In the movie the moon is slowly going down but this is a prime example of a nightscape.

killer's kiss

Now this photo is of Gloria and it falls into the lighting from one side category.  This is when she is staring out of her window watching Davey across the way.  You can also gather from this picture that she is thinking about something (about Davey) while sipping on her cup of tea (I’m assuming).

I will admit, I got into the movie and was scared for Davey by the end.  I noticed many appearances of the elements of noir while watching this film.  I had a lot of screenshots by the end of it, but these were the 3 that I decided to go with.  Now that I know the elements of noir and have looked for them myself while taking pictures, I have a feeling I will be finding more and more elements of noir in the movies that I watch and the pictures that I see everyday.

The Hitch-Hiker


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