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Notes for a Mobster

This assignment was pulled from the Assignment Bank and is titled, “Post-it Notes and Grocery Lists!” The idea was to use your character and create post it notes that your character would likely create.  My character, being a mobster, is a hardened man in the streets.  At home, he is a family man.  He loves his beautiful wife and will do anything for his mother.  Here are Vinny D’s post it notes:

Vinny is a family man.  Sometimes, we men stack our schedules with so much crap we even have to remind ourselves to grab the wine for mom!

Like I said, Vinny and his wife are close.  Your typical man, especially being a mobster, would rip this down so it wouldn’t hurt his rep if the guys came over.  Not Vin.  He loves her and she loves him.  Home and work stay completely separate, and he likes it that way.

Leo, or Leonardo, is Vinny D’s right hand man.  The two are inseparable, and often refer to each other as brothers.  Surprising that Vinny even has a reminder to call Leo, he is probably already at his house for dinner.

Vinny often has to remind himself that his line of work comes at a price.  Sometimes, a price that causes major pain in different areas of his life.  Hence the no pain, no gain note!

The milk is for Vin’s wife.  She is the best cook in town, and Vinny NEVER forgets the groceries she needs to make her awesome Italian dishes.  Unless of course, he wants her to forget to cook!

This one never comes off the fridge.  In his line of work, it is always GAME TIME! And sometimes, even a hardened mobster like Vinny needs a little note to boost him up for the day!

This assignment caught my eye because I often use sticky notes.  Whether it be at work, at home or even the “stickies” app on my Mac, they are a useful tool to help me remember things.  My wife and I leave notes to each other all the time, and they always end up on the fridge.  I learned how to use some software I downloaded to add different formats to the stickies on my mac, and uploaded them to this post as media. Awesome assignment!





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