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Of Bananas and Minions

For my first Design Assignment I chose to use a cartoon character (3 stars) to help advertise a product. This assignment because I thought it would be fun. In my head I’m always thinking of things like this, taking ideas and adding them into completely separate ones. One night, while studying, my roommate and I even remixed every song we heard on the radio to include McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

In using this picture to represent add, my first thought was of the Facebook stickers used in the messaging system there. This picture is one of the stickers and I’ve frequently found it to be quite amusing. I was very happy when I searched for this image and was able to find it and many others on Google. A bunch of my friends, and myself, love the movie “Despicable Me” which these minions come from, and I thought it would be a great way to include one of my movie interests in this class. Now that I’m thinking about this movie in relationship to this class, I’m beginning to realize the noir aspects that were included, specifically Gru’s house, in this movie.

A Look and Description of Gru’s House:

Anyway, I think I need to stay on track…

After finding this image on Google, I then set it as the background for a PowerPoint presentation and used the text box to add words overtop. I know it’s not the best way to edit these images but it’s an easy way that works for me! I then screenshotted it and added it to Flickr to embed here:

(the link won’t embed)

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