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Photo Safari

I never take pictures with title behind it. I just took it whenever I want to take and I want to keep it in my camera or phone. Since I have to take at least 5 photos, I looked around to take anything that fit into the category and always held phone in my hand.

First photo is the dramatic use of distinct shadow. This is a tree and the fence those are located in the front of the Eagle Landing. As I took the shadows of these two, it gave kind of more sense of fearful environment than when it was taken the objects themselves.


Second is lighting from one side. I took this selfie at night. To get this picture, I turned off all the lights in my room and asked my sister to flash one side of my face. And then I turned it in black and white to get more affective than it was in color.


Third photo is the “Venetian blind” effect. This picture was really hard to get it! I woke up really early and waited until sun rise. When the sunshine came through the blind and create the shadow on the wall I pushed the shutter of the camera. It took me three days to get this photo. The weather did not helped me. But I finally got it!


Fourth photo is urban nightscapes. I went to the bridge that is located in front of the Eagle Landing. Since it is above the road I easily got this picture. But I wish there were more lights in this photo to give more sense of the effect.


Lastly, the grittiness of built environment. This building is the barrier in front of Pollard Hall. As you can see the earth and rocks give grittiness in the photo.


I really enjoyed this assignment. Whenever I walked around the campus, I tried to find anything can be categorize under given effect. I looked closely and took pictures in the way I never had done before, such as angle and light. As I done this assignment, I think, my taking photo skill improved very little. :)

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