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Picture Perfect Day

Plan your perfect day. Use either pictures you have taken, ones you draw, or ones from another source. Outline what it would be first with a schedule and then add the pictures with more specific details of what would be occurring.

My day would start out with sleeping in (until 8am) and rising to a perfect temperature and sunny skies. I would think about some exercise – but only if it would really feel energizing and to get me started for the day’s adventures. I would want to spend some time outside in the morning before temperatures got to be too high – but with a leisurely activity like taking my camera to Monches Farms for a garden walk or going to Pewaukee Lake.

My picture perfect day would include being with family. Laughing, storytelling and catching up. And with us all together at the same time – it would of course involve having a turtle sundae! Heading on out and finding some second hand stores or antique stores to stroll through would be an afternoon activity that would lead into coming home and seeing Jaxin and Sam – maybe Teddy too for some unconditional love.

By then I would be exhausted, but in a good way. Early evening would then be some adult beverages and some elegant finger foods sitting on the deck looking at the meadow and yard as we sit and remember the day and look forward to planning the next adventure.

  • Rise to a beautiful sunny day

From the other end of the room.

  • Some exercise – or at least thinking I would do some!

365:001 #ds412 - New Start

  • Time outside and taking photos in a Zen space like Monches Farm

Yoga Kermit - Fall

  • Or timeĀ on the lake!

Waiting for out boat tour to arrive

  • Enjoying looking at the garden – not weeding it!

  • Family time – with of course Turtle Sundaes!

Sundaes - Turtle of course.

  • Some time shopping the antique and collectibles

  • Snuggle time with my boys.

Jaxin 2014+365

  • An evening of beverages, a simple but elegant meal and conversation as we look out over the meadow.

First time out this season!

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