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Please Look at Me…

I know when you wake up every morning. I know when you leave the house. I know how late you stay up some nights. I know how long it takes for you to make macaroni and cheese in the microwave. And how often you burn it; you need to use me more often. You barely look at me anymore. You’re parents and grandparents looked at me almost daily, but maybe I’m out of date now…an antique. Do you really not use me anymore? I know I can’t be carried around everywhere to do my job, but I’m supposed to be the one used in the house. People add machines like me into little computers, cars, kitchen appliances and heck, even the thing that’s always in your pocket has one of me. I see why you don’t think I’m as useful. I can’t shout to wake you up in the morning or remind you of a friend’s birthday, but I have a presence. I’m even taller than you, so why am I forgotten and left to die. I don’t want to become something akin to the boombox in the corner. I need to be needed! I can feel myself slowing down, little by little, hour by hour. Soon I won’t even be able to move my hands and I’ll just be another decoration against a wall. But it seems like that’s all I’m good for anyways.

I decided to complete the “Monologue of a Household Tool” assignment because I thought it would be a fun idea to look around my room and think about how an object feels when it is used daily or if an object has been ignored or misused for a long time. This assignment can have someone write on completely different sides of the emotional spectrum, shown as a happy, used tool or as a neglected, sour tool. I got my idea of using an old grandfather clock from noticing how common clocks are found in daily life. You have watches, clocks on cell phones, computers and just about everywhere else you go outside of our home. Large grandfather clocks have lost their primary purpose to more convenient devices that are wearable and now they mostly serve as a gateway into the past of how people used to tell time and how impressive the size of the clock feels. I wrote this assignment in Microsoft Word and found the image on Google from TripAdvisor.



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