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What’s in your bag? – 3 points

Considering Black does not carry a purse or murse everyday in his adult life, I decided to take a picture of what he carry’s with him daily.What you see in the picture is a device that is later called a cell phone, keys, wallet, knife, watch, bracelet and a Glock with a spare mag.

The first and most important item that Black always has on him is his side arm along with a spare mag. The weapon he carry’s is a Glock 23 gen 4 which shoots a 40 caliber bullet. This is not the standard weapon that detectives carry but because Black is a bad ass dude, he basically can get anything he wants.

Black will also always have his keys on him. This is the second most important item that he carries because its the practicality the keys to the town and the majority of the United States of America.

In the picture we also see that Black has his wallet and knife on him. He carries a knife just for little task that he may need it for in everyday obstacles. Inside Blacks wallet is his badge and credentials.

The last thing that Black has with him is that of a device that is later called a cell phone. As I said before, Black is a bad ass dude and gets anything he wants and this is just one of those items that you don’t need too know what i does.

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