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Pop Culture Gifs

For this week, we could complete two gif assignments in place of our design assignments. This is the pop culture assignment that is two points.

I have had previous experience making gifs. I took the Intro to Digital Storytelling class that had module were
students had to create certain digital content on different media. During my groups project, we made multiple gifs. I mostly used websites to convert pictures and videos to gifs. Most website that are available for gif making have a website watermark that is placed in the bottom right hand corner. That can be annoying at times and make the gif less professional. In my search through website and the struggle I had with Gimp, I can across a website called If you sign up for the website, it takes the watermark off of the gifs that you make. The gifs aren’t optimal quality but if you want to create something fast to get the point across, the website is a good option.


We were supposed to make a gif with pop culture elements in it. I choose the Shia LaBeouf meme. Rob Cantor created a song using Shia LaBeouf’s name because he thought that it sounded funny when whispered. The song got lots of praise and Rob Cantor made a video with Shia LeBeouf on October 21, 2014.

The choose on seen in the video were the most things are happening. Rob Cantor added an extra verse to his song and has a chorus and dancers that are all performing together. This is the part when most of the people are seen.


Side Note: Clicking on the picture of the gif brings you to the gif :)

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