straight down the line

Postcards From the Past…


I’m relating this assignment to my character, John Brown.

This photo is from John Brown’s mother. This was taken when he was 14, when John and his mother were going to market to buy some food. She looked at this whenever she felt sorry for his son and miss him. She knew that he has wounded heart from people especially from family. The reason for her remarriage was she wanted make him to live in better conditions. But she did not know that he was happier when he was living with her and father (not stepfather). This picture is the only one that she has, so she always look his back not face. She is waiting for call from John Brown and she miss him a lot. Of course John Brown is her son but she knows he would not call her or visit her to see. The only thing she can do is just waiting and see his back in the picture.




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