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Radio Show Ideas

This assignment to me is somewhat overwhelming but at the same time its so wide open that you can do anything.

Rough Ideas:

  • A corrupt female that is facing all sorts of problems
  • A bad cop
  • Something along the lines of a twilight episode plot

With these ideas it will be interesting to see how they can be formed into a “radio show” as opposed to a film. I think it will be a blast to get to work as a group to produce this radio show and everyone’s contributing voices will most definitely make it intriguing.

With listening to the radio shows this week and experimenting with audio through audacity/sound cloud/etc. it will be cool to see it all come together. I’m not sure yet how i would want the group to work whether everyone would take a characters role or if different people would be in charge of different things for example,

one person: narration

one person: voice overs, sound effects

one person: music/radio bumpers

Again, this is so wide open i am excited to see what others takes are on how this is all going to form. I’m really up for anything and i look forward to getting the ball rolling with this.

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