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Radio Show Ideas

I’d really like to channel Gotham (obviously without the superheroes) but something about a corrupt city/mobs/dirty politicians etc. I’ve noticed with radio it’s important to keep the characters to a minimum to avoid confusion so maybe a mob idea isn’t the best but a corrupt-esque scandal could work. After reading Helen Hanson’s article I think it would also be interesting to have a night club scene, it would be cool to create that – also 85% of Gotham takes place in a nightclub so it just feels right.

I’d really like a strong female figure, in a lot of these older noir’s women are immediately the helpless love interest but I’d much rather a more femme fatale character.

I’ll continue to add to and amend this idea but what if there was a mob boss who did his business in the basement of a club. One of the night singers comes upon his business, hears a scheme she shouldn’t, and sets out to make it right.

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