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Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling


Stanley Kubrick’s movie Killer’s Kiss is shot in black and white color which only adds to this film as a classic Noir. He utilizes a narrative style in the beginning and he also set the tone with his dramatic use of distinct shadows and lighting from one side. He even uses venetian lighting effect within the television set. During the fight on television Kubrick uses unusual angles to film the fight seen in order to show the power of the punches to the abdomen. He also makes use of off-kilter or unusual camera angle/framing or what we know today as POV or Point-of-View filming.

Kubrick uses urban nightscapes and the grittiness of built environment during this still shot as the camera works through the streets of the city. This type of shot only adds to the Noir thriller image. This represents the racing through Davey Gordon’s mind during what is perceived as trying to get away from the other boxer during the fight. He later uses the same type of street scene when Gordon is on his way to save the girl.


Kubruick does a great job with the use lighting, shadowing and music to hype the suspense. He Walked by Night by Alfred L. Werker. Werker shot this movie in classic black and white color, The movie is was  narrated with a monotone voice and made great use of minimal lighting and shadows. This film is a classic Noir with traits such as a crime drama that builds in suspense. Werker makes great use of shadows to conceal the identity of Roy Morgan during the shoot-out at the electronics company.


Werker uses shadows in a classic Noir with lighting from behind the


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