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Renegade Teacher: Andrea Style

For this Writing Assignment, I wanted to do something a little unconventional to the prompt. Instead of my favorite character, I am going to use my own character: Andrea.

Andrea walks in, filling in for the main teacher at Goolic Elementary. Andrea sits at her desk and begins to read over the lesson plan. The students begin to arrive and she makes for the chalk board. She grabs a piece of chalk and begins to write her name…’Mrs…..she begins to tear up. A student sees her and asks her what is wrong. She cannot help to deny it, she knows the student will pry. She knows his time; she has two sons at home. “It’s my husband she says.” The boy asks again what’s wrong. “He had an accident and passed away.” The little boy gives her a hug.

Andrea starts the lesson, which is on history. The kids listen intently, and Andrea tries not to sob. The kids then do their assignment. They were to write how history would be different had something else took place, in their own lives. One girl writes it about her grandpa. She explains she was unable to see him before he passed away, and that if she could change history, she would have visited him one last time. Andrea cannot hold it back anymore and starts to cry uncontrollably. The kids are dead silent, except for the boy who had come up to Andrea before. He stands up in front of the class and reads his history out loud. It is about his father who helped him build a boat one afternoon, and how if he could change history, that he would have made the boat better because it sunk in the middle of the pond, and they could not retrieve it. The kids laughed, and so did Andrea.

The little boy, who happened to be the principal’s son, knew just how to set Andrea at ease and cheer her up. What would have been a disaster, turned into an okay day. It was a start to living a life without him. Taylorarmstrong1


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