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Reverse Audio Quiz

Hey guys this assignment is pretty simple, if you can figure out the answer. Find an audio file and reverse the music. Once you have reversed the music place the file in a blog post and give three hints as to what it is. See who can figure it out first!

2 ½ Stars

I’ll give you 3 hints:

  1. Tom Petty
  2. Are you strong?
  3. The year is 1989

This assignment was a blast. It was hard to pick one song but I feel like everyone should know this one! Audacity is a breeze for something like this and reversing the song took no time. I took a YouTube link and converted it so that it could be saved. I uploaded it to Audacity, reversed the song, and then saved it as an mp3 so that it could be uploaded to Sound Cloud. Big fan of this assignment. You rock Tom Petty.

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