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Safari murder

One quiet day in a small town, 10937566_875250945830974_245136746_n

There was a knock on the door of the smallest house, with the loneliest woman 10443963_875250975830971_856595434_n

Slightly intrigued, she looked out her window. And felt her heart flutter.10965729_875250805830988_61721572_n (1)

She beckoned him in, and they talked for a while. She felt her smile grow larger and larger. The teapot boiling, she went to shush it. And came back to a frightening scene.10953894_875250882497647_189396849_n

Blood rushing she ran up the stairs10313871_875250995830969_82084523_n

But her luck no longer held out. She should’ve been frightened, but loved the surge. She died a happy woman. But her cat, the only witness, held the moral reserve to hide under the bed and fear from afar…10968243_875250899164312_343746090_n

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