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Shelley and The World

I chose the Writing Assignment Timeline to be about what world events happened during my character’s lifetime, some of the events affect her personally, affect London, or are just important things that happened in history that year. Most of the events listed on the timeline are noir-like in nature because they are considered catastrophes in one way or another. I decided to add a few positive events in the timeline so her life events weren’t completely negative. I made the timeline in Powerpoint using the Textbox and Shape tools and found the teddy bear, Titanic, London apartment, and pocket watch pictures through Google Images searches. I looked at the world events of the early 1900’s on this site.

Character timeline

I uploaded my timeline as a Powerpoint file because when I attempted to change the file into a jpg. or png. the quality went down and you couldn’t read the events on the timeline. Here is a pixelated version:

Character timeline



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