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Shirley Mayfield’s Future Life

For one of my week two assignments, I decided to do the Tell Us About Your Future Life assignment that was submitted by Alison Thoet. I decided to do this assignment for the assignment that had to deal with our character dossier. I remixed this assignment to make it about Shirley Mayfield’s life instead of my own.

The assignment is to “write out the history of your future life as if you were featured in a textbook. Make it about college life and what you want to pursue afterward!” I decided to remix it and make it about Shirley Mayfield’s future life and what she wants to pursue after finding the perfect man for her.

Here is Shirley Mayfield’s future life in textbook form.

Shirley Mayfield found the perfect husband and about a year after getting married, she got pregnant. When Shirley and Richard got married, everything fell into place. He was treating her like a princess and they were the perfect couple. Shirley had worked at her family business up until she got pregnant. Once she got pregnant, her husband decided it was time for her to focus on getting ready to be a mom and then after that she could be a stay at home mom. Richard got another job so that Shirley would be able to stay at home. After loving parenthood, they decided to have more children. After having four beautiful children to take care of, Shirley and Richard lived happily ever after. Their kids were growing like weeds and Richard and Shirley stayed busy all the time. They were able to live a lovely life. Richard eventually retired and they bought a vacation home big enough to hold their whole family.


I wanted to give Shirley a happy ending because her childhood had some very rough spots. I went with a story like her own because that is how she aspired to live her life.

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