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Short Story with 10 Random Words and an Animal

I used the random word generator and my words are:  pieces, officer, amber, prime, awful, fool, loop, abstractly, blaze and parallel.  The animal I chose is a cat.

When I woke up this morning my cat was laying on my face.  I felt awful and I knew it was going to be a rotten day.  I drove to work as usual and was stopped by an officer who made me feel like a fool because instead of speeding I was going too slow.  I told him the the blaze of the sun was the reason, and he laughed and gave me a ticket.  When I got to work I felt like I was in a parallel universe and everything thing I did made me look like a fool.  I picked up my paperweight, a piece of amber given to me by brother, and it carelessly slipped from my fingers,  it shattered into a million pieces.  The pieces formed a abstractly shaped picture of a cat and this seemed so unnatural.  Suddenly a loud noise woke me up and I realized that this was all a dream, but the cat was still laying on my face, so I felt like I was stuck in a loop I couldn’t get out of.  I just hope that this day goes better than the one in my dream.


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