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Slow it doooowwwnnn

This audio assignment I chose to complete is called “Make It 800% Slower” and is worth 3 points. Here’s the link to this assignment:

This assignment seemed easy at first, however, it ended up being extremely frustrating. Plus, I am no pro at Audacity yet which I’m sure made this even more difficult.

This assignment was completed by importing the song into Audacity and then choosing an effect for the entire song. Once the song was slowed down, the pitch needed to be changed. This was the most difficult part for me because I could not figure out how to do it. Once I thought I had it, I would have to wait up to an hour for the song to change in the Audacity program before I could hear it. This may just be something with my computer, but it took so long to change anything in the song. So after waiting hours upon hours to see if I finally did this right, I ended up with an extremely slowed down song that sounds terrible. Seriously, it sounds awful… Maybe I still haven’t gotten the pitch right and that’s why it sounds so bad, but it is definitely slowed down!

Also, while just now trying to upload this extremely long song onto soundcloud to put into this post, I was notified by soundcloud that I went over my upload minute limit. Therefore, they hid all of my previously uploaded work along with this song that I was trying to upload. With that being said, I’m even more frustrated now.

I went back into Audacity and cut the song to 10 minutes. Still extremely slowed down, but only 10 minutes of it will be going onto soundcloud. Now I can hopefully get all of my work back up on my soundcloud account and have this one work as well. And honestly, who really wants to listen to more than 10 minutes of this really bad slowed down song anyway?

This is how the original song sounds:

And here is the slowed down version on my soundcloud (first 10 minutes):

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