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Sound Effects Story

This assignment was to create a story related to my noir character, using only sound effects. It was really difficult assignment to me. I had no idea how to start and what story should I make that is related to my character, John Brown. To start this assignment, I went to the website that was provided on the noir106, free sound. And just search for any sound effects until I get the idea. And then, I downloaded the effects and uploaded on Audacity to put it together. After this process, I exported into mp3 file to able to upload it on sound cloud.

This is what I got.

I ended up with creating what he does after his work. So, I started with car door opening effect, and goes on.

When John Brown was done with his works, he just goes straight to his house. He does not go anywhere else, especially Friday. He hates crowded place, just want to relax in peaceful place. He arrived at his house and got off from his car. He walked to his place and search for key and unlocked the front door and got into house. He wore slippers and went to bathroom to take shower. After taking shower, he went to kitchen and open the refrigerator and search for beer then sat on the couch and turn on the television. While he is watching it, he fell into sleep.

From this story, I want to show that John Brown is anti-social person. As you notice, there is not any noise on the background. He got his house where no one can bother his personal life. There is only his house, nothing else.

Sound Effects Story (3and 1/2 points)

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