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Stress in Sounds

One of the audio assignments I chose to do this week was emotion through sound¬†for three stars. I chose to do stress because it completely reflects how I’ve felt the past couple days. I’ve had assignment after assignment due this week and next week I have two exams worth 20% of each of those classes’ grades. I have been doing work all day and gradually my stress level has decreased. So, getting my audio assignments done is just one more way to lower my stress level.

In order to portray stress, my mind immediately went to the sounds of clocks ticking as I ran out of time to do my work. I then thought of dissonance on piano keys which always makes me unsettled and I felt would add to one’s stress level. These two sounds alternate at the beginning of my audio clip, building the stress level. Towards the end, I added in a school bell ringing as if out of a nightmare because it suggests you’re out of time to get things done. I ended the clip with the roll of thunder, suggesting that the worst has happened just as you feared it would.

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