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Survivors Will Be Bit Again!

This Visual Assignment is worth 3 stars. It is all about Creating a Warning Poster. Basically what you had to do is create a warning poster for whatever you wanted. I decided I was going to make one that was posted outside of my character Blair’s house. I had mentioned that she had a foxhound named Copper who was VERY protective of her and her family. You can read a little more about Copper in my 7-character Story from week 2. I decided to make this warning poster in order to scare away intruders. Here is the final product:

Beware of Dog1 copy

The making of this poster was not hard at all. Now I downloaded GIMP thinking I would be able to do everything on there. Turns out it isn’t as straightforward as I thought. However, I’ve been using Word for who knows how long, and it hasn’t failed me yet! I was able to use the publisher in order to make this. I started out with the words, and I downloaded some new fonts from DAFONT. If you’ve never used this website, you are totally missing out. Well after I figured out what I wanted my poster to say, I needed to find a picture of a fox hound. Now while fox hounds don’t necessarily look super scary in real life, the outline could be somewhat intimidating. I then decided he would look scarier with blood dripping from his mouth.

I then added the top and bottom border. The bottom is basically the same paw copied over and over. The top is just googled dripping blood. I thought that it gave the poster a scarier effect. I stuck with a red and black theme for a few reasons. Last semester in my Elementary Literature Class, I learned that red is a statement color, and that it very important in the picture world. I felt as though carrying that to this class would be a plus, and I plan to try and use that throughout the semester. To be honest, I would not want to go anywhere near that dog, and I think Blair’s point is taken away from this VERY accurately.

This makes me at 5.5 stars with 4.5 to go!
(Also with 3/5 towards Blair.)

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