straight down the line

The Killers Alternative Ending

Nick left the lunch counter, out the door on his way to see Anderson. Nick never looked back and headed straight for the Hirsch’s rooming house! Behind the tree he never noticed the two dark figures in their overcoats and derby hats. There the waited to see who left the diner and where they headed. After Ms. Bell and Nick headed up the stairs they quietly crept their way in and Ms. Bell appeared. “What you fellas doing here who you need to see?” Ms. Bell didn’t like the looks of the men. Al grabs the old woman and says “you better be quiet or I’ll take you out”. He takes her in the other room and yells at Max “it’s all up to you now”. Max quietly says back “you need to be quiet” as he notices Nick coming down the stairs and he hides in the room behind something. Nick exits the door and Al comes out dragging the old lady. Max says “where is he” Ms. Bells says “who”; Max “you know who” and Al says “oh a bright girl now” and looking at one another they both say “the same guy you took Nick to see don’t fool with us”. She resists because she knows especially since she didn’t like them when she first saw them. They quietly creep up the stairs and Max whispers to herĀ “tell him your hear and need to talk to him” And before he could even answers Al throws the old lady out of the way and they both enter and Max is firing his gun at Anderson. Max says “we got him” and they walk away like nothing happened.

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