straight down the line

The Killers (how it should have ended)

Once George retrieves Sam and brings him out in front of Al and Max, Sam quickly realizes that something fishy is going on. “All right, both of you stand right there,” Al says, looking at Sam and Nick. “What is going on?” asked Sam. “I’m going back to the kitchen with the nigger and bright boy,” Al said. They all walk back to the kitchen with Al following. Sam, being the competitive boxer that he is, is thinking of his next move as he walks into the kitchen. As soon as the kitchen door closes behind Al, Sam springs into action. Sam quickly pulls the sawed off shotgun away from Al and hits him across the forehead with the butt of the gun. Al goes down and Sam gets him in a headlock and covers his mouth. Sam quietly whispers for Nick to retrieve something for Sam to tie up Al with. Nick quickly finds some old rope and throws it to Sam. Sam then ties Al up to one of the cooking ovens and covers his mouth up with a towel. Meanwhile, Max is interrogating George but George refuses to talk. Max begins to wonder why he hasn’t heard Al and begins to call for him. Out of nowhere, Sam comes through a hidden side door and tackles Max to the ground. Max puts more of a fight up than Al does and the two begin to scuffle. George grabs a lunch tray and begins to hit Max over top his head to aid Sam in his efforts. Max is able to break free from the two workers and runs out the door. Sam and George watch as Max runs out the building while they catch their breath. Sam then goes into the kitchen to check up on Al and Nick. Both Sam and George go into the kitchen and see Nick lying dead on the floor and the old rope lying on the ground where Al was tied up. Sam and George quickly realize that this is far from over…

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