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The Lingo of Friendship

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I loved this assignment because I didn’t even know I could create a mac cover. I chose the picture of three of my closest friends at Shenandoah, where I transferred from this semester. Last semester was very draining and hard, I was battling a lot of personal problems and was just overall unhappy at the school. These three people stood by me through it all. These pictures are from my recent visit back to SU. I also have a really big obsession with quotes and the color pink, so I made the skin pink and surrounded the pictures with quotes that reminded me of those friends and the memories in which we share together.

The one on the left is also named Brianna so we just refer to each other as twin. She is the brightest, most independent amazing girl in the entire world. I look up to her so much for her strength and outlook on life and its safe to say I wouldn’t have made it through last semester sane without her. From tears, to laughs and memories, this girl is without question one of my two best friends in the entire world. The distance now is hard, but visiting and talking on the phone make it easier.

The one in the middle was my old roommate. She kept me on track with school and always made me laugh and smile with her craziness. Whether we were singing Hannah Montana or doing homework, this girl had my back and I had hers.

The one on the far left is my other best friend. We met when both of our friends had tried setting us up on my birthday, but ended up becoming best friends. I don’t know what I would do without this boy in my life, from the movie nights, to going to him crying, he is the one person I can rely on for anything in the world. I’ve shared some of my best memories with him and I know no matter what I will have him in my life as my best friend. Being apart isn’t exactly fun and I always look for him when something happens, but I know he is just a phone call or text away and that makes everything a little easier.

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