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The Party without the Wild

First of all, if Burrs would have treated his lady better, none of this would have happened. If a man thinks calling his women names is the best thing, he is a fool. Instead of saying I am sorry, they throw a party. They invited all of the people they knew and of course the girl that gets around has a new boy toy. She brought Black to the party. Queenie saw Black and made it her mission to make Burrs jealous, but instead sleeps with Black and gets Burrs killed.

I feel like in Noir stories, someone has to die at the end for it to be good. The character that should die ends up dying. The reason he should have died, was because he did not treat Queenie right in the beginning. Let’s not put all the blame on Burrs, because Queenie has some to be blamed. Queenie likes dangerous man, maybe if her type of man would have been different, then all of this would not have happened.

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