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“The Postman Always Rings Twice” Review

After finishing this story I stared at my computer screen for several seconds before jumping up in frustration. I am still unsure as to whether or not I enjoyed that noir reading but I do know that it kept me mildly interested throughout. ESPECIALLLY when they were coming up with their murder plans so casually. As if killing Mr. Papadakis was the most logical thing to do to be together. ALSO the cat motif was strong in the story. First emerging as the main characters nickname for Cora(hell cat), then the cat the spoils the first murder plan, and finally Madge Allen or Kramer and her cats. The cats for me represented the femme fatale in an purely animalistic way. The violent tendencies of Cora and Franks’ relationship also kinda frightened me i.e. the whole drawing blood for their first kiss was actually TERRIFYING, and then hitting her in the face and then stating “I had her.”. It put 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight to shame. BUT I digress, clearly you can see how Frank and Cora were anti-heroes, people you didn’t want to root for but couldn’t help but care to know about, and Cora was the smoking femme fatale who had men ready to rape her?! Which they stated in the book like it was a compliment!

And on top of all of this we still do not what actually happens to Frank OR WHY THE STORY IS CALLED THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE!!!

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