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The rise and fall of Jeffrey Davidson

Jeffrey was born in Los, Angeles, California to a single mother. Growing up it was just his mom and his father was not in picture. Growing up Jeff was very distant. He did not have a lot of friends and did not talk a lot. People often took his silence as a sign of him thinking he is better than the people around him. The only person he was close to was his mother. When she passed away when he was 15, he was completely devastated. After his mother death he lived with his uncle. When he turned 18 he left his uncle house and never looked back. He left California and moved to New York. He barely completed high school and did not have the means to go to college. But he knew when he arrived in New York he had to get a job. After searching for a while he was able to get a part time job as a janitor at a local high school. But he was barely making ends meet, so he decides to take a job as a bartender. One day a customer named Brian comes in and asks him if he is interested in making some extra cash on the side. Although Jeff was making a decent living with both his jobs he thought a little extra cash would never hurt. Brian said he’s leaving a package at the bar and he is to make sure that when a young man named Alex comes to the bar he gets the package. He slipped Jeff $200 dollars cash and left. Alex eventually came in to the bar and picked up the package. This went on for months and there was never a problem with the exchanges although Jeff had no idea what was in the packages. One day a beautiful lady named Elisa comes into the bar and she said Brian had sent her to drop off the packages today. Jeff weary of this stranger was skeptical but could not stop admiring her beauty and took the packages. They continued to see each other and ended up falling in love. Jeff had always had a hard time opening up to anyone but with Elisa it was different for him. He felt extremely comfortable around her and often let down his tough exterior. But to his disappointment Elisa was not in this relationship for the same reasons he was. Elisa was in fact not sent by Brian and had been lying to him to the whole time about who she is. She was actually married to a cop that was involved in an illegal drug trade. They used Jeff to exchange drugs at the bar and he had absolutely no idea. When the police started to question what was going all the evidence pointed towards Jeff as being the leader of the illegal drug trade. Jeff took the fall for a crime he did not commit and spend 10 years in jail. In actuality the extra money that Jeff was making from these exchanges he was giving to poor students at the high school he worked at who like him could not afford to go to college. He didn’t want these students to fall into the same cycle of poverty he had lived through. Ultimately although he had good intentions he took the fall for the crime.

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