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The Title of my Blog isn’t Blog…

For my last writing assignment of the week, I chose Whats in a Name? I am assigned the task of explaining why I named my blog the name I gave it. Surpassing the Dimension of Time is the title of my blog… but why?


Thats why.

I was so moved by this movie with the message it gave, I actually wrote it down on my iPhone as soon as I thought of it. “Gravity and love are the only two things that can cross the dimension of time.” This is the lesson I learned. I would have made that quote the title of my blog but I felt it was too long. So in result, I got “Surpassing the Dimension of Time. Time is infinite, but what if love and gravity are much greater than that of time? It may be hard to wrap your mind around it but its something to ponder. I do not know how you create a quote… but what I just said there earlier is probably one of the most meaningful sentences I have ever said.


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