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The Vignelli Canon

For this week, we were assigned to read The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli who is an Italian designer who has worked in numerous areas dealing with design ranging from houseware design to  showroom design. In his short book, he points out many elements of design that are important to how a viewer perceives it. He also notes three aspects in design that are very important to him: Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic. This was very helpful for me, because it thought me how to research what i am trying to design to help me get a better understanding of my topic. Another aspect that Vignelli notes that I found helpful and overlooked was that of grids and paper size. These two aspects can completely change how something looks or how someone views it. The importance of lay out also affects how something looks. Looking back before reading this short novel, it is common sense that this is a major player in design. Design how a lot of processes to make something look the way you want, but to me lay out is probably the most important. If you completely mess up the layout of what your trying to portray, you can completely show something else that what you intended on.  This article was very  helpful to me and now i cant wait to start on my own design.

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