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The Vignelli Knows What He’s Talking About…..

This booklet discusses numerous types of designs that I’ve never considered when I create media. One topic discussed in the booklet was ‘Type Size Relationship’. I was interested in how to manipulate the reader with different types font. Certain sizes can capture a reader’s eye and interest. However, if the size is too big, it could be very distracting and loses its appeal. Another topic was ‘Pragmatics’. Vignelli had the belief when designing a medium, make sure it’s complex, but not complicated. I have never even given much thought to this concept, but it make sense. Complex work art is captivating to me and I always inquire what I’m looking, reading or hearing. On the other hand, complicated art to me is annoying and convoluted. I also would lose interest in the piece immediately. The last topic I found interesting was ‘Sequence’. I am a big believer in order and structure. So in a layout, its important not to be inconsistent but not repetitive either.

I really enjoyed this booklet. I admittedly thought prior reading, “what would I read in there that would introduce topics that were new or even appealing to me?’

Thank goodness I was wrong….

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