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Think about the Visuals of Storytelling- assignment 1

This assignment is to tell about my photography experiences. Well, I have always been fascinated by what taking/looking at photographs can portray.

Do you take a lot of photos now?       Yes.

What of?    My daughter, family, friends, bands, and places that I find interesting.

Do you have a particular approach to taking photos?   If the mood strikes me to take a picture or it’s a special occasion.

Do you ever work to capture a particular feeling or meaning in your photos?   I have when my daughter and I are hanging out at a park or some place peaceful

If so, how successful do you think you are?    Most of the time, yes. To me this is peaceful.


After reviewing these resources, what tactics can you use to improve your photos or to take a different approach to taking photos?

I need to look more at the shadow play around where we are taking pictures. To look at more of what is around us. What others may see.


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