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This week in a nutshell

So. I approached this class with fear and trepidation (I’m not tech savvy, see), and the fact that ds106 is completely online also seemed a little ironic (doing DIGITAL studies… ONLINE….. okay never mind). But with careful instructions and time to adequately stress and bemoan my life, I accomplished all of said tasks. Creating my domain and registering it went smoothly, along with installing wordpress. I also had to set up twitter, flikr, vimeo, and soundcloud accounts, cause up until now I’ve lived a life ignorant of social media outside of Facebook and Pinterest. It turn out, I actually think I can enjoy those sights I wrote off before, although my favorite by far is Flikr :). Then frustration set in. Even thought INSTALLING wordpress went good, figuring it out was, and still is frustrating. My frustration came from not knowing the right link to click on, where to paste the URL, etc. and being scared that if I did click on the wrong thing or paste in the wrong place, I’d ruin whatever I’ve been working on. This place still intimidates me (told you I’m not tech savvy). When collecting from my various social media sites, I found tons of memories surrounding what I was posting. I really am putting myself out on the internet for people to find, judge, and potentially use (although the chance of that happening to me is 0.01%). I really enjoyed exploring the culture of noir (it still sounds like a perfume brand though). I didn’t realize how many movies have noir film undertones, and how we embraced it as a culture,  And I’ve found a new appreciation for those of you who make it a habit of indulging yourselves in this art form of digital media. I’m looking forward to stretching myself this semester and dipping my toes into some very useful knowledge!

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