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To Travel is to Live

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I guess a fun fact about myself I have yet to share is that I love travel. I was a part of an exchange program to Dortmund, Germany when I was in high school and I studied abroad during the summer of 2014. So naturally when I saw this visual assignment I had to do it. I chose to tell the story of a trip when I made during Winter Break my Freshman year at UMW. I chose to tell the story of this trip, because it was a big moment for me as it was the first (and only) time I have ever traveled by myself, hence the name “First Time Flying Solo”.

I chose to create slides documenting my favorite moments from the trip where I stayed with my German exchange student from high school. Finding pictures for some parts of the trip was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated because I didn’t have any pictures from parts of the trip (I guess I was enjoying myself). It was also a bit of a struggle trying to figure out how to embed this visual assignment into this post. Thankfully, my roommate was actually the person who created this assignment last semester, so she was able to show me how to get the link to work properly. Overall, I really enjoyed doing this assignment and getting nostalgic about my trip.

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