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Tom’s Files: Influential Music

Back in my music loving days artists didn’t put albums together so much as they worked at creating top singles, so we will have to work with that.

It does seem a bit silly for a grown man to write about what sorts of music helped form him and all, but what can it hurt? Now, don’t you go thinking that these are listed in any particular fashion. That kind of sorting and sifting is simply too much after a long day at the job.

1) Good Morning Little School Girl by Sonny Boy Williamson

This is my canary Lenny’s favorite song. She has the most chipper taste-when this came out in 1937, most singles were as depressing as can be. This song’ll do wonders for a run down spirit.

2) With Plenty of Money and You by The Ink Spots

Talk about chipper! This song always makes me dreamy. Ma always said I was a dreamer, before she went to the home and all, I mean. I guess you could say this tune reminds me of her, though not directly.

3) It’s Only A Paper Moon by Cliff Edwards

Oh boy, was I young when this track was fresh. It reminds me of simpler times and all- keeps me in touch with my youth, know what I mean? Besides, those lyrics are just unbeatable.

4) I’m In The Mood For Love by Frances Langford

We had a beautiful wedding. Me and Lenny, I mean. No dame is more beautiful than Lenny, especially the way she looked that day, but I will say that dancing with Lenny while Ms. Langford played in the background made the whole celebration extra neat.

5) Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland and The Victor Young Orchestra

This song is the song to close a decade. This song managed to encapsulate the emotion behind the whole thing- folks in the 30’s were awful down, but somehow still awful hopeful. It was probably all of those memories from the golden days that kept them going.

Gee, I know I didn’t say it about all of these numbers, but each one manages to remind me of Lenny in some way. Back when these tunes were going strong, we were truly happy.

Alright then, I had better turn in. All of this sharing has tuckered this ole gumshoe out.

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