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Touch of Evil – Audio Reflection

Touch of Evil – Audio Comparison

To begin this segment of my reflections, I will begin discussing two different versions of the Touch of Evil openings, one video with enhanced audio and another video with the original film audio. I have to say that I was impressed with how much the audio changes made a difference between the two videos. The use of audio really changed up the mood within the setting of the film and to explain what I mean, I will refer to each version as either the “enhanced” or “original”. In the original, the sounds in the surrounding environment were very subtle and the background music sounded very mischievous and unwelcoming, as if something bad is currently happening (Yes, a stranger stuck a bomb in the couple’s trunk of the car, but still). The enhance version amplified all of the sounds in the environment and even added extra noises to impress a much more lively and city-like atmosphere. The background music was also very poppy and enjoyable, therefore delivering a happier feel when compared to the original audio.

The audio also altered the focus of each film. In the original, there were very little background noises so my attention remained fixed on the couple walking throughout the opening scene. In the enhanced version, the use of many background noises exemplified the feel of a very busy city and my attention was thrown all over the place, ranging from the traffic moderator to the herd of goats.

To summarize this reflection, I believe that the way you use audio can and WILL affect the way visual images are interpreted. If I had to choose between these two settings to live, I would much rather live in the enhance version rather than the original because it is more exciting whereas the original is rather mysterious and suspenseful, in a dark way.

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