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Victoire Absinthe’s Errands

Even Femme Fatales have errands to run. Here’s Victoire’s:


1. Stop at the dry cleaners: favorite red dress is dirty from last night’s bank run

2. Stop at at PNC and make a withdrawal- don’t forget purse!

3. Banks are such a bore. Make sure to stop at the bistro for lunch. They have the best coffee in town. Also the best looking buss-boy. Pretty sure he’s sweet on me. Ugh. He’s grown an attachment. How long have I been in San Diego…? Too long, apparently.

4. Make sure to stop at the grocers- out of milk.

5.  Since I will have “forgotten” where I parked my car before the bank, make sure to catch a cab to the hotel.

6. Don’t forget the manuscript for, Deep Sea Deep Passions for that magazine is due today!!! Make sure to put a copy in the post before 4.

7. Make sure bag is packed. When the milk is gone, so will I. I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago…


Victoire is always on the run from and to something. No wonder she needs to make sure that she frequents the bank quite often. Financial vigilance is always a good idea!! I think Veronique wouldn’t put too much thought into her daily escapades. I mean, sure, she robs banks, but she doesn’t make a big deal out of it. It’s just a withdrawal, in any case.

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