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Visual Assignment – What’s In Your Bag

What are the essentials in your bag that get you through the day? Take a picture of the items and detail each of them with a description.” (3 points)

Using my character Ava, these are the essentials in her bag:


1. Her purse – it’s a small black leather bag. Very much representative of her coy personality. She doesn’t need bright colors or anything extravagant but this small bag is just enough to do the trick.

2. Her lipstick – keen on not wearing too much makeup, a little lipstick goes a long way. She keeps this fierce color with her at all times for moments of emergency when she needs to get her way.

3. Her pen – she takes a pen or some writing utensil everywhere she goes. Any time she gets an idea she will write it on any paper she has. It also comes in handy when signing contracts and autographs.

4. Her sunglasses – just tinted enough so you can see her eyes, she purposely doesn’t hide behind them. They are a way to prove her confidence but also her elusive manner. She has a collection of sunglasses, they are her favorite accessory. But this pair is her go to everyday pair.

5. Her book – it could be any book, but it’s usually a classic. She gets all of her inspiration from the classics. She likes to underline and write notes in the margins so sharing books is rare. She is currently reading Alice in Wonderland and exploring the world of fantasy.

6. Her prayer card – a prayer card her mother gave her before she left for New York city as a teen. She keeps it with her as a reminder of whats important. It’s gone with her all the way to LA and provided comfort as she chased her dreams.

7. Her lucky penny – Ava found this penny before she went to her first audition. She’s also kept this with her as a reminder of where she began. It reminds her that everyone starts somewhere and not to forget one’s humble beginnings. Even when she was short on money while she was waitressing in New York she refused to spend this penny and probably never will.

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