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Week Four Summary

This week was pretty challenging for me, I have never edited any type of sound or audio before. That being said I think I did a pretty good job of figuring things out this week. Of course I did have some help with Audacity from Maggie in the convergence center which really helped a bunch. Watching the opening scenes to “Touch of Evil” and the readings showed me just how powerful audio could be. It was so surprising to me that the exact same scenes could have a different mood just based on the background music. Like I said in my post the second opening scene of “Touch of Evil” better predicted the car blowing up because the music was more mischievous. The radio broadcast was probably my favorite assignment of the week and I hope we have more like it. I listened in on Wednesday night and I loved hearing the story and seeing what everyone had to say about it. It had many of the same characteristics as we have seen in the previous films and stories such as “The Postman Always Rings Twice. The daily creates weren’t my favorite this week but I still enjoyed doing them. My favorite one  I did was my cat car. I decorated a flaming car with cute little kittens and I thought it was very humorous. Creating my radio bumper was one of the more difficult assignments for me, I doubt it will be the one we decide to use but I tried my best. It was hard to find the right sounds that would fit with our theme. The 8 stars of audio assignments were difficult as well. Many of the sounds I recorded didn’t really sound like what they were supposed to be and I was not expecting this so I had to go find more distinct sounds. I also made a whistling audio and I am not very good at whistling but I liked the song so I did it anyway. The sound effects story was frustrating at first but once I got the hang of it, it was fun to play around with. I think that was one of the better audios I did this week. I wasn’t exactly sure about what ideas to give for the radio show but hopefully the ones I gave helped other people brainstorm too. Someone commented and liked my idea that we should explain something that reminded us of noir throughout our week and say why. Overall this week was very challenging, but I got through it and now I know how to edit audio and I am pretty proud of myself for that because I never thought I would be doing it.



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