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Week One Summary

When I got the emails for this class last week, I started perusing the website and was completely lost! After finding the weekly assignment and figuring out the website, I found everything pretty easy to set up. I previously had a Domain with one of my earlier classes in my college carrier but completely forgot how everything worked. Setting up the Domain and installing word press was the most challenging part of this assignment because I forgot all my passwords and had to reset everything thing.

Out of all the social media accounts Twitter is my least favorite. I had a Twitter for about 2 or 3 years and could never get into it. I just hated the format and how the whole social media account is set up and designed; I like looking at picture more than words. I also have used YouTube and Gravitar before. YouTube mainly for messing around and also for very helpful videos almost on anything.

Flickr is probably the easiest to use for me. I always knew Flickr was out there but never really explored it. There’s a few picture on there that describe me if ya’ll are interested. SoundCloud was interesting but really didn’t grab my attention, probably because I normally use Spotify to listen to music but you can upload your own recordings and songs on there to share with others so it should be fun to mess around with.

This week I also learned what noir is. Before this class I never knew what noir was. Everytime I saw that name I could only think about Colion Noir, who is an attorney and host of “NOIR” on the NRA website and youtube. Noir to me is something dark and having to deal with crime. This genre is interesting to me because I am a fan of crime and dark movies and this is a new genre for me to explore.

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